Cathedral Fun For The Children At Owlet December 6th, 2017

Cathedral Fun For The Children At Owlet

On Monday 4th December the pre-school children from Owlet visited Bradford Cathedral. The children started their trip with a fun train ride into Bradford from Shipley. Once at the Cathedral, the children took part in a treasure hunt using clues to find all of the animals from the Nativity Play and were guided by Gillian who organised the event. The children finished their trip with the Story of Christmas followed by a yummy snack. The children had a fantastic learning experience whilst at the Cathedral, as they were using Maths and recognising numbers for the clues in the Treasure Hunt, alongside learning about the world around them, as they looked at how various people and communities celebrate different festivals. The children also learnt all about the Christmas Story and the children were full of tales on their return about baby Jesus and the stable and all of the animals that were there. What a fantastic festive experience!


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