Parent Partnership

Children’s Place Day Nurseries work extremely closely with parents and families to make sure the experience given to children is happy one and each child gets tailored care specific to their needs. Encouraging parents to participate and contribute to their child’s nursery achievement portfolio helps promote positive attitudes and experiences, which in turn benefit the child.

Children’s Place wishes to ensure parents are part of the care and education team within the nursery. We want to work with parents as partners to ensure quality care and learning for all children. At Children’s Place:

  • Parents have access to their child’s records and are consulted in respect of the care given.
  • Parents are welcome to access or inspect all the policies of the nursery at any time; please speak to the Nursery Manager if you wish to do so.
  • Nursing mothers are welcomed and a private area made available whenever needed.
  • All suggestions from parents are given consideration and discussed fully.
  • Parents Evenings and Parents Forums are to be held at least twice a year.

It is important for us at Childrens Place that we, as carers, are able to give advice and support, always showing sensitivity and understanding. We are always open to suggestions, questions and advice so please do not hesitate to contact any of the Nursery Managers for more information.

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