Your Child's Day

At Children’s Place we value any form of feedback, especially from the children in our care. Below are a few quotes from the children telling us what they love about nursery.

‘I like going to nursery because in the morning I can see my friends and Hannah is always there to give me a hug.’ Each child is assigned a Key Person (Hannah) to make sure that, within the day to day demands of nursery, each child feels special and individually cherished.
‘If I get hungry me and my friends can have some fruit – apples are my favourite!’ Mid-morning snacks are provided for the children. This often consists of a variety of fruit.
‘I like baking, doing pictures and playing in the garden.’ All of our nurseries have exciting gardens, often including sensory areas, planting and growing areas, sand pits, splash pools and much more!
‘I can tell when dinner is coming because it smells really nice. Me and my friends sit at the table and eat our food – it’s yummy!’ We follow nutritional guidance to produce menus for all seasons and include styles of cooking to embrace the cultures of the families associated with each nursery.
‘At nursery I like to write and paint. I can do hand-prints and my favourite colour is red! I like to read in the book corner with my friends.’ We encourage children to explore and engage in different activities to build their confidence and create enjoyable experiences.
‘I like coming to nursery because it makes me happy.’ The children love coming to nursery every day, so why not come along and see what we have to offer?
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