Children's Place Testimonials

“We really can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for the input you have had on looking after Ava for the past nearly four years. We really cant be anymore proud of the happy, loving, friendly and confident little girl we have and we know a huge part of this is down to you all for looking after her whilst we couldn’t. From day one when you all greeted us with your warm, friendly smiles we knew we had chosen the right place for our baby and despite how hard it was leaving her at first, we never once worried that she wouldn’t be okay. Since then there has never been a day Ava hasn’t wanted to come she has absolutely loved every second and has made some fantastic friends who we hope to stay in touch with. Every evening she tells us about her day and she talks so fondly of each of you. You have all played such a big and important role for her and I know just how much she is going to miss you all when she finally realises that her time at Spring Cottage has come to an end. So again, we’d just like to say a HUGE thank-you! You are a fantastic team who have created such a caring and happy environment for our little ones. We are so pleased with the start in life Ava has gained from her time here and we are proud to have a little girl who is more than ready for school thanks to you all. We have recommended you to family and friends and will continue to do so! Thank-you all again so much, she’s had a ball! Much love Mary and Josh x ”.
Parent 15th August 2016
“Good Morning, I would just like to say thank you all at Children’s Place Nursery. We are so sad it is Mia’s last day, she has been with you for almost 3 years. As a nursery, you have always been supportive and flexible. Mia has very much enjoyed here time with you. All the staff that Mia has been involved with have been great. I would especially like to thank Catherine, Mia’s key worker. Catherine has been outstanding with Mia. I have very much enjoyed parents evenings, it is apparent that Catherine gives the children lots of time and attention. She really knows Mia well and has helped her with her progress over the past few years. Catherine has always been happy to talk to me about Mia and has always given me her time. Mia talks very fondly about Catherine and I feel so honoured that Catherine has been Mia’s keyworker. It is obvious that this is not just a job to Catherine. She cares so much about the children and they in turn, care greatly for her. Thank you Jane for running such a wonderful nursery. It is a sad day, but exciting for Mia as now she moves on to school. Thank you all again Mrs Eve ”.
Parent 25th July 2016
“My son has attended the Shipley nursery for the last two years. The care and attention he has received has been outstanding, including adapting the menu for his egg allergy without him missing out. The environment is very warm and welcoming, the resources are varied including full waterproofs to enable outdoor play in the rain, which the children love! In the heat this week the children have been inside the air-conditioned building, with outdoor resources brought inside to ensure they still had a wide selection available. I absolutely love this nursery and my son does too, he went around all the rooms today giving cuddles, and the manager came out to say bye too, one of my favourite things about this nursery is the approachable management and willingness to completely involve and listen to parents! He is only leaving because he is going to school!”.
Parent 22nd July 2016
“3 years ago I had struggled finding a trustworthy and reliable childcare provider. In the space of 9 months I had changed from 3 different settings. I had various issues with previous nurseries from the staff being unprofessional, the food not appealing to my sons palette or not enough stimulation and development with my child's education. As a single parent I had no option but to work and seek childcare for my son Farhan. After many tests and trials, I eventually came across Childrens Place. This had been recommended through many of my family and friends but was always so full due to demand. I spoke to Lynne who instantly made me feel content with the her warmth and hospitality. I found it very easy to open up and explain my family situation and financial state to Lynne and Nicola. I felt for the first time it wasn't just a setting or a nursery for my child to attend whilst I was at work, but actually somewhere my child would feel comfortable and cared for by staff who had lots of experience and children of their own. At Children's Place the very reassuring part is the in not a high turnover of staff so the children are not constantly having to build bonds and tryst with new faces. It wasn't long before my son settled in and grew very close to the staff. Once my son reached Reception it was a very sad moment for my son as he had created lots of bonds and friendships with all the staff and other children. Due to these bonds Farhan always looks forward to his half term holidays from school as knows he will be reunited with the staff at Childrens Place. He has always loved the outside play area and you would never think he was a fussy eater whilst sat down at lunch time as he loves the large variety of food and big range on the menu. Childrens Place always has so many fun activities going on for the children which my son finds so engaging and love to celebrate all cultures and religions which is always nice to see and be involved in. Most importantly for me I know I have some really good friends on the other side of the phone who are always ready to help and support me not just with my child's welfare but with my own too. I've not come across an organisation before filled with so much understanding, empathy and compassion for people. We can always depend on Children's Place and I proactively always recommend it to my family and friends. Thank You to all the Staff at Children's Place for all your love and support over the years and hopefully see you soon in the Summer Half Term! Mehnaz Shahzad ”.
Parent 1st June 2016
“To all Staff................ I dashed out this morning as I was a gibbering wreck saying goodbye to you all. Chloe chose who got flowers and who got chocolates so i hope she did not offend anyone with her choices! :) You have all been amazing with Chloe since she joined you 4 years ago. I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support that you have given her. I cannot believe what a polite young lady you have helped us grow. Without your help and encouragement I am sure we would not have such a confident and happy child. You have all been amazing with her and there are so many memorable and happy times that she has shared with you all. From her learning to put her coat on using her hood first (thanks Ben), to her Gruffalo hunt in Westcliffe Park, to naming the chicken spider-man, to her learning to write her own name, and of course 'The Meltdown' (thank you Sally and Mia for handling it so well!) and the endless amount of junk models that she has brought home, each one with a story behind it. One of her favorites i think is still covering Ben with cornflower mess! She's learnt about cooking, reading, painting, sticking, mud pies, tidying up and earning money for doing chores (thanks Sabrina). I cannot recommend your nursery highly enough and although it is time for Chloe to move on and I know she will miss you I think it will be us who missed you wonderful people every morning and evening when we come in. Over the four years we have made great 'friends' who take a genuine interest in the things that we do and how we all are. I think I am more upset that I will be missing our chats in a morning and my friends! We all love you all loads and will stay in touch Thanks Tina, Adrian and Chloe ”.
Parent 28th August 2015
“My son started at Spring Cottage when he was 8 months old and has enjoyed over 4 years of education, fun and support from all members of staff at the nursery. He has experienced all 4 room settings in which he been positively encouraged and provided with a solid foundation for learning which he will soon be taking onto his reception class at his new school. The nursery has contributed to numerous opportunities for socialisation including nursery outings, picnics, Christmas nativities and stay and play sessions which has enabled my son to build positive relationships with the staff and his peers. The staff are always friendly, happy to see you and extremely good at communicating and keeping in touch with me as a parent through hand-overs at the end of the day and regular parents evenings. I am so proud of what my son has achieved whilst at Spring Cottage and would recommend the nursery in an instant to any of my friends looking at a nursery setting for their child. I have been so pleased with what my son has been provided with at nursery that I will also be sending my youngest son there once I return to work ”.
Parent 28th June 2015
“Every room at Children’s Place is brilliant. I love the amount of creative activities available to my daughter which has stimulated an interest in art, cooking and gardening. She is fit and healthy thanks to the great food and outside play she gets. We are looking forward to her starting pre-school as she is now starting to become interested in letters/numbers ”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“There are lots of different activities set up, which are perfect to keep children occupied and interested. The staff are always friendly and offer feedback each night to keep parents informed. I also like the number of other opportunities for parents to get involved such as the ‘come and play’ days ”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“This is our second child that has attended the nursery which goes to show that we’re happy”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“Thankyou for all your help and support with potty training, you’ve made it a very smooth and easy process. The staff are all so great, we are so lucky our daughter is so well looked after”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“I was anxious of leaving my son and going back to study; however children’s place made this much easier for me to deal with, with their compassionate, friendly and professional manner. My son is always included and stimulated through various ranges of activities. I couldn’t be happier with where my son is cared for”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“My daughter absolutely loves coming to nursery, she would come everyday if she could! She is learning so much and so fast and I’m certain it’s due to her great care and variety o experienced she is exposed to. She is happy, confident and feels safe in the setting. She loves her friends and is familiar with all of the staff”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“I love children’s place day nursery and I am so happy I have placed my son here. There is a friendly, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. The children I see look happy and occupied, staff are always interacting with the children”.
Parent, Halifax 9th May 2015
“I just wanted to pass on my compliments regarding your nursery at Owlet. All three of my children either have or still do attend Owlet and I have always had comple...the confidence in all of the staff and more importantly, my children have always loved spending time there. People are quicker to pass on complaints these days rather than praise, but in the four years that I have had a child (or all three at one point) at Owlet, I have never been given a reason to complain. I don't have any experience with other nurseries however I am certain that there are none that could ever compare to Owlet. It really is a fantastic nursery with amazing staff and I wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks and gratitude”.
Parent, Owlet 18th November 2014
“Jack loves to come here, staff are proud of their job, it’s a lovely place”.
Parent, Owlet 14th November 2014
“My 2 year old son attends the morning sessions at the one at st james' school and absolutely loves it!! Lots for him to with, very clean and the staff are amazing, friendly and always makes my son feel at ease and reassured. I would recommend to everyone”.
Parent 22nd September 2014
“Although initially very apprehensive about leaving my baby in day care at 10 Months old when I returned to work I am extremely happy. I am pleased with the care provided and feel my son is offered a range of stimulating activities from caring, friendly staff in a fantastic learning environment. The facilities are brilliant and the outside space really encourages the children to explore and gain independence. Many opportunities are provided that as a parent at home I cannot or may not think to do and my child is a much more confident person having attended this nursery. Each day I am provided with a routine sheet that tells me what he has done, how well he has eaten etc, it is a joy to read. It makes me feel a part of his day and the new skills and adventures he is having. My little boy is now 13 months and even in this short time has really developed in a range of skills and we see him doing things we'd never expect, he is clearly learning from the older children in the room. He has gained so much independence and is now demanding to feed himself and has really discovered his voice. Having viewed a number of nurseries I can highly recommend this one, I felt it was far superior to the others we looked at and I had the 'feeling' that this was the right place. This is re-enforced by my experience so far with my child settling well and enjoying his time at nursery. I do not feel that I am leaving my child to be watched/babysat while I work but that his early education has begun and set him off to a great start”.
Parent, Dewsbury 20th May 2014
“Choosing Children’s Place for our daughter was the best decision we’ve ever made for her ”.
Parent 12th May 2014
“My little boy started at spring cottage just after his first birthday, since starting he has really come into his own, the nursery have fantastic staff who are brilliant with all of the children, the menu is fantastic, the outdoor play area is lovely with lots of things to do, all of the rooms are very spacious with exciting objects to discover hidden away in treasure baskets. Spring cottage was the second and last nursery I went to look at. I could not recommend them enough”.
Parent 15th April 2014
“We went to view 10 nurseries in the local area before we decided that this was the only place we were 100% happy to leave our daughter. The staff are lovely and the rooms/toys are of good quality and clean. I particularly like the fact that every day my daughter comes home with a letter explaining what she has eaten, how long she slept and what she has done that day. The staff also take time out to do parents evenings for children of all ages and are always sending letters home asking me to explain what new activities my daughter enjoys doing. This helps them plan her daily activities at nursery and keeps her challenged. My daughter is our first born and extremely precious to us, but we feel comfortable and happy knowing that the staff really do care about her. They also have a chef that prepares cooked meals for the babies/children. Sometimes I wish I went to her nursery... vegetable lasagne, homemade chocolate orange cheesecake”.
Parent 30th January 2014
“I love to play out all day at nursery…I love my nursery ”.
Child 26th November 2013
“I got a positive feeling from this nursery from our first ever visit. Now both my children attend. It isn't the newest or most modern nursery, but the personal care and attention that the children receive is second to none. Both of my children are very close to their key workers and have thrived since attending. Jane is extremely approachable and flexible. Children need to feel safe and happy at nursery and parents have peace of mind. I get this in bucket loads! I wouldn't send my children anywhere else”.
Parent, Halifax 9th September 2013
“My 9 month old little girl has been at the nursery for 6 months now and settled in instantly. The care and safe guarding she has received has been second to none. She always comes home worn out from a full day of activities and has even enjoyed trips out to local play houses as well. I think anyone looking for a nursery would find Children's Place excellent. I loved our first parents evening, full of info on development”.
Parent, Halifax 15th August 2013
“My son has special needs and everyone in this nursery helped my son come along and he's doing really well”.
Parent, Barkerend 5th August 2013
“Both of my boys love attending nursery. The staff are always happy and polite. My children can play inside and outside. When outside measure are taken for their safety eg. sunhats are provided etc. Any accidents (trips/falls) are always reported to us. Attending the nursery has enabled my children to become confident and also independent. They are always enthusiastic and excited to see who will visit the nursery next eg.Zoolab with their creepy crawlies or big blue Bear with books. I would definitely recommend The Children's Place Nursery at Burnett Fields”.
Parent, Burnett Fields 26th July 2013
“My son enjoys nursery very much. He loves coming to nursery and is very proud to show us everything he learns”.
Parent 8th May 2013
“It's a fun place”.
Child 8th May 2013
“Excellent well run with fantastic caring staff”.
Parent, Daisy Hill 5th July 2012
“I love coming to nursery and playing with all my friends”.
Child, Dewsbury 5th July 2012
“You make nursery a happy and enjoyable experience”.
Parent, Dewsbury 5th July 2012
“Since my daughter started nursery her development has come on leaps and bounds, the staff are absolutely great with her and are always giving her new challenges to achieve bigger and better”.
Parent, Owlet 2nd July 2012
“I like baking, doing pictures and playing in the garden”.
Child, Halifax 25th June 2012
“We felt very welcome as new parents and importantly our child felt safe and secure”.
Parent, Barkerend 2nd June 2012
“This is a fantastic nursery and I have always felt happy and secure leaving my child”.
Parent, Ravensthorpe 29th May 2012
“I like coming to nursery because it makes me happy”.
Child, Owlet 25th April 2012
“I like nursery because I like playing out”.
Child, Daisy Hill 12th April 2012
“The setting has outstanding systems and resources in place to support children”.
Ofsted, Owlet 11th April 2012
“Staff are highly motivated to continuously develop the setting to ensure all children have the best possible start in life”.
Ofsted, Burnett Fields 5th April 2012
“I love broccoli trees, they are my favourite for dinner”.
Child, Ravensthorpe 2nd April 2012
“A very honest and trustworthy place to leave your child where safety is never an afterthought”.
Parent, Burnett Fields 15th March 2012
“Children take part in a variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities that are closely linked to their individual development plans and staff's observations of each child”.
Ofsted, Ravensthorpe 7th March 2012
“I like playing with toys and having parties ”.
Child, Burnett Fields 29th February 2012
“My daughter loves nursery and the fact that she is happy there is brilliant for me”.
Parent, Halifax 6th February 2012
“I like playing in the home corner ”.
Child, Barkerend 24th January 2012
“Young children enjoy a wide range of play experiences to foster all areas of development ”.
Ofsted 14th December 2011
“Children show high levels of confidence and share warm and friendly relationships with the staff and their peers”.
Ofsted, Barkerend 2nd September 2010
“The provision promotes the Early Years Foundation Stage exceptionally, with high regards to children’s individual needs”.
Ofsted, Daisy Hill 16th July 2009
“Practitioners provide a safe environment for children to play”.
Ofsted, Dewsbury 9th July 2009
“The staff have extremely good working relationships with parents and other professionals in the area and recognise the uniqueness of each child”.
Ofsted, Halifax 1st July 2009
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