Sport Relief Fun

The children at Daisy Hill have been having lots of fun taking part in some exciting activities for Sports Relief. The children enjoyed sprinting, jumping, hopping and many other races but the egg and spoon was definitely their favourite. Activities like this enable the children to build their communication and language skills, whilst also forming relationships. [...]

2018-08-21T14:34:38+01:00March 27th, 2018|Daisy Hill|

Perfect Pancakes

The pre-school children at Gateway have thoroughly enjoyed learning about pancakes. After reading the story of the ‘Run Away Pancake’ the children made their own pancakes and had lots of fun tasting different toppings. Activities like this help to introduce children to new food and help to build their knowledge. How exciting!

2018-08-21T14:40:05+01:00March 24th, 2018|Gateway|

Role Play Fun at Spring Cottage

The children at Spring Cottage have been having lots of fun playing in their role play area. The children have been practising their ironing skills, whilst also trying on a range of different clothes and acting out different professions. Activities like this enable children to use their imagination and creativity, whilst also building their self-confidence and [...]

2018-08-21T15:37:32+01:00March 21st, 2018|Spring Cottage|

Recently Renovated Daisy Hill

Here at Children’s Place, we are very excited to showcase our recently renovated Daisy Hill nursery! The pre-school room is equipped with cosy reading areas, role play corners, construction areas, creative tables, a technology station and lots more! The bluebells room has exciting small world and constriction areas, sensory and creative play stations, a [...]

2018-08-21T15:34:36+01:00March 21st, 2018|Daisy Hill|

Look its Raining!

Rose and Yan from Owlet Children’s Place have been making rain clouds using shaving foam and food colouring with pipets. Rose told Kirsty ‘look it’s raining’ and Yan showed great physical skills, as she was able to squeeze the pipet all by herself to collect the food colouring to squeeze onto the shaving foam. The children [...]

2018-08-21T15:07:56+01:00March 21st, 2018|Owlet|