Autumn Leaves

Over the past few weeks the children at our Barkerend Nursery have been having lots of fun exploring Autumn.  All the children in the rooms have enjoyed going for Autumn walks.  They loved collecting the leaves that had fallen from the trees and feeling all the different textures of them.  They also enjoyed describing the different [...]

2018-10-25T15:22:18+01:00October 31st, 2018|Barkerend|

Hindu Celebrations!

The children at our Great Horton Nursery were invited to the Durga Puja celebration which was held in the Library Hall next door to the Nursery. This is organised by the United Cultural Society and is celebrated by Hindus at this time of year. The children found the celebration very interesting and loved the beautiful clothes [...]

2018-10-22T14:08:12+01:00October 30th, 2018|Great Horton|

Messy play!

The children at our Spring Cottage Nursery's Daisy room had a wonderful time getting messy with cornflower and paint! They used their senses to touch and feel the texture of the cornflour whilst developing lots of new language. Look at their happy faces!!!

2018-10-16T13:08:28+01:00October 29th, 2018|Spring Cottage|

Young Farmers!

The staff at our Barkerend Nursery always like to follow the interest of the children.  After reading a story about farm animals, a group of children in the toddler room became interested in the animals.  The staff then set up a lovely farm scene to help support and develop the children’s learning.

2018-10-22T13:44:45+01:00October 26th, 2018|Barkerend|

Fun at the Park!

The children at our Spring Cottage Nursery's Poppies room spent a lovely afternoon in the park. They used their negotiating skills to climb, swing, slide and push Afterwards they went back to nursery and enjoyed a well-earned tea. Looks lots of fun!!

2018-10-22T12:42:39+01:00October 25th, 2018|Spring Cottage|


The children in the Pre-School room at our Owlet Nursery have been having great fun with Jane their cook.  She has been making pizzas with the children. They kneaded and rolled out their own dough, spread on their tomato topping and added the cheese. They baked them in the oven and had them for tea.  They [...]

2018-10-16T13:06:47+01:00October 24th, 2018|Owlet|

A Road Safety and ‘Stranger Danger’ Visit from the Police

Some of the parents at our Summerfield Nursery have advised that they are worried that their children do not have an awareness of road safety.  Also one parent was particularly worried that their child was over familiar with strangers.  In view of this, Emma, the manager, invited PCSO Catherine Lumb and PCSO David Lax to come to the nursery [...]

2018-10-22T13:11:45+01:00October 23rd, 2018|Summerfield|