Artists at Work!

Our Spring Cottage Nursery recently had a visit from some art students at Huddersfield University.  As part of their course they were completing an art project relating to art therapy with children. They asked the children to create a piece of art that made them happy.  The art work they produced is going to be displayed in the Hospital [...]

2019-02-26T16:23:43+01:00February 27th, 2019|Spring Cottage|

Hairdressing at Summerfield

The Pre-school children at our Summerfield Nursery have been very interested in dressing up in princess dresses and having their hair done.  The pre-school staff set up a beauty parlour for them and the children had great fun role playing, sharing real life experiences of hairdressers and dressing up  

2019-02-15T12:29:32+01:00February 25th, 2019|Summerfield|

Experimenting with Paint

The children in the toddler room have been experimenting with paint and different textured materials to create their own art work.  They were able to choose their own materials to put on their picture and used different objects to print with. The children saw that different objects made different marks on their paper. They had lots of [...]

2019-02-14T16:06:29+01:00February 20th, 2019|Burnett Fields|

Chinese New Year!

The children in the Pre-School room at our Halifax Nursery have been finding out about the Chinese New Year celebration as part of their fundamental British Values. This year is the Year of the Pig!  They looked at books and read stories about the celebration, made collages, looked at dragon and lion dances and listened to [...]

2019-02-13T12:19:00+01:00February 19th, 2019|Halifax|

Snow Fun!

The children at our St James' Nursery really enjoyed playing in the snow recently. They had great fun sledging down the snowy hill in their garden and making, and counting, their footprints in the snow.  Some children were interested in the ice and how it felt. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all, [...]

2019-02-13T11:45:00+01:00February 18th, 2019|St James'|

Mark Making Fun!

The children at our Barkerend Nursery have enjoyed mark making on a BIG scale!  The children were free to express themselves creatively and it was a great way of them sharing their story. As well as using crayons, felt tip pens, chalks, paper the children also use twigs, fingers, sand, shaving foam to mark make. Looks like a lot of [...]

2019-02-12T16:17:37+01:00February 14th, 2019|Barkerend|

Forest Fun!

Our Summerfield and Gateway Nurseries have recently visited our Heaton Nursery's Forest. They talked on the bus about what they could see out of the window and what they were going to do when they got there. Whilst there, the children hunted for fairies in the trees and found some magic thread that the fairies make [...]

2019-02-11T15:12:31+01:00February 13th, 2019|Summerfield|

Forest Fun!

The pre-school children at our Daisy Hill Nursery all get the opportunity to visit our Heaton Nursery woodland area. Their Forest School practitioner, and two other practitioners, take a group of six children and they have a fantastic time exploring and discovering in the woods. Last week the group really enjoyed looking for birds and birds [...]

2019-02-11T15:10:12+01:00February 12th, 2019|Daisy Hill|