Imagination Airport

Imaginations are taking flight at our Ravensthrope Nursery 🚀 The children are encouraged to express their own ideas and use their imaginations with all the natural objects that can be found in all ours areas of learning. One of our boys had an aeroplane and through appropriate questioning the adventure from aeroplane to full airport commenced! Other [...]

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Children in Need 2019

The children and staff at  Children’s place Day Nursery, Spring Cottage have raised a fabulous £300 for Children in Need. The children from each room did  some creative baking , selling buns, cakes and other yummy treats to parents and visitors throughout the week. Children dressed up in a variety of outfits throughout the week. On [...]

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Discovering conkers

The children were amazed when they cut open the conker shell to see the conkers inside. This activity was fantastic as it created lots of sustained shared thinking. Children were sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas. The children also had to problem solve about how they would be able to get the shell open.

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Friends at Formations

On Friday 8th Nov our Preschool children had their first visit to Formations care Home. We recognise the value of inter-generational working and how children and the elderly can make great friendships and bonds. The children took some playdough and loose parts to share with the residents. They loved interacting together and I think they have [...]

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Burnett Fields Nursery Hospital

At nursery we have children very interested  in hospitals so the pre-school team, along with the children, have developed Burnett Fields hospital. The children are really enjoying pretending to be doctors, nurses and receptionists. They have been checking the babies and making them well in the baby clinic. The children are having lots of fun and [...]

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October Outings

Throughout October the Children at Burnett Fields have been visiting the Forest with friends! Here's what they got up to: On Wednesday 2nd October we have been on our first trip to forest schools with the get out more team from better start in BD5. The children went to Bowling park with the nursery practitioners and [...]

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