On Tuesday 4th December the Pre-school children at our Owlet Nursery visited Bradford Cathedral. They went on the train to Bradford from Shipley which was a great adventure and for some children it was their first time on a train.

When they arrived at the Cathedral, Maggie read them a story about Ezra and his lost sheep.

They then went on a treasure hunt to find Henry, the lost sheep.  Whilst  they did the hunt they discovered different items in the Cathedral such as the altar and the pulpit. Once they had worked out all the clues they found Henry in the Nativity Scene. After the treasure hunt the children had a biscuit and a drink around the Nativity Scene. They then watched a video of the Christmas Story.

The children learnt so many new things whilst out on the trip, they were discovering about different beliefs and cultures, they learnt about the Christmas Story.  They also used lots of skills in the treasure hunt i.e. number recognition, counting, recounting a story and many more.