Harvest time has arrived! All Summer the children have been looking after their fruit and vegetable patch and can now enjoy the fruits and veggies of their labour.

We have enjoyed strawberries, peas and finally, after weeks of watching and waiting, their plums have changed colour and are now lovely and ripe tasting “sweet and yummy” at snack time.

By growing produce at nursery we are able to teach the children about where our food comes from, the growing cycle from seeds to fruit and understand the importance of caring for living things and our environment.

The babies and toddlers enjoyed an afternoon stroll along the Aire Valley Canal where they fed the ducks and watched the boats sailing by.

They were very excited when they spotted red lights flashing because a narrow boat needed to go under the brigde, however as it was too tall the bridge had to move to let it through!

The children watched as the boat carefully made its way through the gap in the bridge and carried on its journey down the canal as we waved it goodbye. 

It is lovely to be out of nursery and explore the world around us.

The Babies at Owlet visited Shipley Library to join in their Story time session. Everyone had a lovely time joining in with the funny song about a wrinkly elephant! They all sat down to listen to a story about a happy monster and even got to use the puppet causing lots of giggles. We has a great afternoon exploring the library where we enjoyed more stories, the abacus and the play gym! We’re already looking forward to our next exciting visit to the library.

Our Toddlers went on an adventure! They set out on a mission to find some aeroplanes at Leeds Bradford airport!

We love spotting them in the sky over nursery and thought it would be great to see them a little closer.

We began our adventure by finding the correct bus that would take us to the airport! We had to look closely at the numbers in the top of the bus and find the 747. Once on the bus it was very excited with the children exclaiming “WOW we are on a huge bus” We took photographs out of the window to compare our world around us and as we were getting closer to the airport, the children excitedly explained that we had a “massive aeroplane over my head.” After a little wonder around the airport we found a lovely spot to have snack and watch the planes. It was a great adventure and can’t wait to do it again.