Mark Making Fun!

The children at our Barkerend Nursery have enjoyed mark making on a BIG scale!  The children were free to express themselves creatively and it was a great way of them sharing their story. As well as using crayons, felt tip pens, chalks, paper the children also use twigs, fingers, sand, shaving foam to mark make. Looks like a lot of [...]

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Fun Outdoors!

Our Barkerend Nursery is completely in love with anything involving nature and the outdoors.  The benefits of activities and experiences such as nature walks to the local pond are limitless with the children more engaged in their play and learning than ever before. Being outdoors, engaging and discovering new things about the world around us not [...]

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Den Building

The toddler room children at Barkerend have had immense fun when den building with their peers and adults. Den building offers a range of advantages to children of all ages, from physical development to problem solving skills. Children are able to build on their learning by thinking creatively and putting their ideas into reality. Creating dens [...]

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Santa Claus Pays a Visit!

Our Barkerend Nursery have been exploring Christmas recently. They have had lots of opportunities to decorate the Christmas tree and their super cook made a fabulous traditional Christmas dinner for the children and their parents/carers to enjoy. They also had a successful Christmas party with lots of Christmas themed activities for the parents/carers to join in [...]

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Secret Santa Charity

Over the last couple of weeks the children, parents and staff at our Barkerend Nursery have been donating gifts for the JCI Secret Santa appeal.  They raised a total of 35 gifts!  This is a lovely organisation that ensures young children aged 0-16 across the Bradford District receive a gift at Christmas.  The children enjoyed a [...]

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Hats, Bats and Cats!

The children at our Barkerend Nursery have been celebrating Halloween.  They held a 'Hats, Bats and Cats' Stay and Play.  This was an opportunity for the parents to join in the pumpkin competition. The staff, children and parents also joined in pumpkin carving and had fun exploring in messy play using the inside of the pumpkins. [...]

2018-11-06T16:10:37+00:00November 8th, 2018|Barkerend|

MacMillan Fundraiser

On the 4th October our Barkerend Nursery had a tea party to raise money for MacMillan Cancer.  They sold a selection of buns, biscuits and playdough. They 'guessed the name of the snake' and the winner won a fantastic chocolate cake made by their very own cook!  They had lots of fun throughout the day and raised [...]

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