Exploring the Garden!

Our Toddlers at our Burnett Fields Nursery have been enjoying playing outside in the natural garden.  The children have been exploring the garden and climbing tree stumps! Some children needed a practitioner to help holding their hands and some children walked across safely using their own judgements and skills they have developed without holding hands. The [...]

2019-05-23T15:19:19+01:00May 23rd, 2019|Burnett Fields|

Easter has arrived!

On Wednesday 10th April we a held a pre-school Easter play and stay session at nursery. Parents joined us for lots of fun at nursery. The children and parents made chocolate Easter nests, we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and made pictures and Easter hats. The children also choose their favourite activities to [...]

2019-04-18T11:37:04+01:00April 18th, 2019|Burnett Fields|

World Book Day

Burnett Fields Nursery have been having a  wonderful time celebrating World Book Day.  The children dressed up in their favourite costumes and brought in a special story from home to share with their friends and the nursery practitioners.  The children in pre school also went on a trip to Waterstones book shop in Bradford town centre, [...]

2019-03-18T16:06:24+01:00March 27th, 2019|Burnett Fields|

Experimenting with Paint

The children in the toddler room have been experimenting with paint and different textured materials to create their own art work.  They were able to choose their own materials to put on their picture and used different objects to print with. The children saw that different objects made different marks on their paper. They had lots of [...]

2019-02-14T16:06:29+01:00February 20th, 2019|Burnett Fields|

Building with Bricks!

The children were having a lovely time playing with the small wooden blocks. They were able to pick up the brick between their thumb and fingers and place them on top of each other to make their own creations.  They were really concentrating whilst making their construction and were very much enjoying being in each other’s [...]

2019-01-23T13:34:31+01:00January 24th, 2019|Burnett Fields|

A Pirate Christmas Party

This year pre-school Christmas party at our Burnett Fields Nursery was based around the children’s interests at the moment, which is pirates. The children came into nursery dressed in fancy dress.  They played games such as find the pirate treasure in the garden, making pirate hats and telescopes and musical pirate chairs. The children had lots of fun especially finding [...]

2018-12-12T16:16:30+01:00December 21st, 2018|Burnett Fields|

Children in Need Fun

The children at our Burnett Fields Nursery have been joining in the fun and raising money for Children in Need. The children came in to nursery dressed up in their pyjamas and they had a bun sale.  Thank you to all the parent and staff who donated money. ViviLnk ViviLnk  

2018-11-28T16:37:06+01:00December 7th, 2018|Burnett Fields|

Pirate Ship Fun

The children at our Burnett Fields Nursery have been creating their own pirate ships.  They selected their own junk modelling resources to create their master piece.  They then concentrated, discussed and listened to each other’s ideas about what resources to use on their ships.  When some of the children had finished their models they took their [...]

2018-11-28T16:27:39+01:00December 3rd, 2018|Burnett Fields|