Training Day

On Children's Place March Training Day, Dewsbury's staff concentrated on their outdoor areas. In the morning training session everyone shared ideas they had for their own areas of expertise in the garden. They had looked at how they could incorporate all areas of learning into a design for the garden. They then sourced the items they [...]

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Circus Life!

Dewsbury Nursery celebrated Comic Relief by turning the nursery into a Big Top Circus for the day. They had their very own ringmaster who cared for a variety of circus performers who came dressed as clowns, trapeze artists, jugglers and performing animals to name a few. They trimmed up the rooms to look like a Big [...]

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‘Yellow Day’

On Thursday 28th February our Dewsbury Nursery held a 'Yellow Day' to raise money for Children with Liver Disease.  They also held a Cake Sale.  Children, parents and staff raised £79 which has been sent to the charity.  Thank you to everyone who took part, donated and bought cakes. Digital Camera Digital Camera [...]

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World Book Day

World Book Day at our Dewsbury nursery saw lots of different characters joining nursery, from Goldilocks to Elmer.  Books are such an enjoyable experience. It was lovely to see friends sharing their favourite stories together whilst sitting in the reading garden.  Digital Camera Digital Camera

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Peek a Boo!!!

Peekaboo is an amazing game to play with babies which continues to roll down the generations creating as much fun and laughter today as it ever did for both baby and adult alike. Babies learn through this game that even when you cannot see something it still continues to exist until you see it again, this [...]

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