Halloween Spooky Lunch!

Our Halifax Nursery has recently celebrated Halloween, carrying out lots of spookily good activities. They had a special Halloween lunch which the children really enjoyed, see the menu! They played and danced in their fancy dress costumes but went shy when the video camera came out! They made ghosts and monsters using the loose parts and [...]

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Motor Skill Development

The children in the Pre-School room at our Halifax Nursery have been focussing on our motor skills. To develop these they have been building using different materials, playdough and jigsaw puzzles. These skills help the children to develop their mark making and writing skills later on.

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The children at our Halifax nursery have been lucky recently as one of their children brought in some tadpoles for all the children to look at. The child brought them in from her garden pond at home for a couple of days before safely returning them to her garden. The children were really excited looking at [...]

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Theatre Trip

A group of pre-school children from our Halifax Nursery went to the theatre to watch a performance called ‘Landscapes’. Before the show, the children enjoyed a nice cool drink and had the opportunity to colour some pictures related to the show. The performers showed the children a variety of puppets that they had created and allowed [...]

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Super Clean Hands!

During Child Safety Week the children at our Halifax Nursery discussed hand washing. Throughout the week each child was able to wash their hands with a special solution and then put their hand into the ultra-violet lightbox. The box then illuminated their hands where they hadn’t been washed properly. The practitioners and children talked about harmful [...]

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Child Safety Week

As part of Child Safety Week, the practitioners and children at our Halifax Nursery talked about how to keep safe. This ranged from washing their hands properly so that they didn’t spread harmful germs, to demonstrating how they safely fasten seat belts whilst they are travelling in a motor vehicle, to talking about professional people who [...]

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Wiggly Worms

Whilst in the garden the toddlers and babies at our Halifax Nursery have been looking at worms. They compared the size of the worms, which were long, which were short, as well as the fatness and thinness. One child said they looked like snakes and kept doing the ‘ssssssssss’ sound for a snake! Some of the [...]

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