Selfie Skills!

The children in Pre-school at Owlet Nursery have been exploring their new digital camera which has helped them develop in many areas. The children had to slow their movements down to allow the camera to focus. They developed their co-ordination and fine motor skills to push the buttons as they learnt about technology and how to [...]

2019-03-25T14:48:39+01:00April 8th, 2019|Owlet|

Slime Fun!

The pre-school children at our Owlet Nursery have been experimenting in making slime. They tried lots of different recipes and got very different textures of slime. The slime in the photos is made of corn flour, washing up liquid and warm water.  William, Wiktor and George loved this activity and created the slime mixture themselves.  They [...]

2019-03-21T16:29:14+01:00April 2nd, 2019|Owlet|

World Book Day

Owlet Nursery had great fun on World Book Day. They invited parents to their 'Booky' Breakfast. The children proudly showed their mums and dads around their room. One lucky dad even got served playdough spaghetti! They had a number of Spidermen and Girls who were keen to show off their web making skills. To celebrate 30 [...]

2019-03-18T15:01:08+01:00March 22nd, 2019|Owlet|

Mud Kitchen Fun!

The Toddlers love their mud kitchen!  They have been baking buns, making mud pies and cooking tea for each other.  Their role play has been really creative, they have great imaginations and work together to develop their own ideas.  The learning that is taking place is so valuable as they talk to each other, think of [...]

2019-03-12T13:09:29+01:00March 15th, 2019|Owlet|

Planting in the Sun!

The pre-school and toddlers at our Owlet Nursery had a lovely time planting Gladioli and Freesia bulbs recently. They helped to dig out the old plants and make holes for the new ones to go in. They gave them a really good water and can’t wait to see the flowers grow over the coming months. The [...]

2019-03-21T16:42:23+01:00March 12th, 2019|Owlet|

Dance Yourself Dizzy!

This week, why not breakout your best dance moves and join our Owlet Nursery for their DANCEATHON!! All the children will be trying their best to move to the beat and raise money for Comic Relief. They will be dancing at various times throughout the week, to make sure that everyone has a chance to take [...]

2019-03-12T14:18:07+01:00March 11th, 2019|Owlet|

Chinese New Year

The children at Owlet had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year.  They learnt about the Chinese culture and how the colour red means good luck.  They made money wallets and wrapped up gifts to send to each other.  The children had a go at using chopsticks and some of our children use these all the [...]

2019-03-12T13:10:23+01:00March 5th, 2019|Owlet|