Ice Ice Baby!

The babies at our Owlet nursery have been exploring with ice.  They have been touching and feeling the texture and noticing the change as the ice melted and the natural resources became loose. While enjoying this activity the babies learnt about the world around them.  They also developed skills of moving and handling as they picked up [...]

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Fun at the Christmas Fayre!

On the 1st December 2018, our Owlet Nursery held their Christmas Fayre. They had lots of stalls including 'guess the name of the teddy', 'hook a Christmas duck', face painting, tombola and of course, lots of baking.  The families had a great time and joined in with all the activities alongside their children. Owlet would like [...]

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Halloween Stay and Play!

On Thursday 1st November our Owlet Nursery had a fantastic Halloween themed Stay and Play.  They had lots of exciting activities and Dominic’s mummy, Phillippa, made some slime.  The children thought this was fantastic!  They were exploring it's texture and Phillippa taught them how to blow bubbles with it, the children were amazed! They had homemade [...]

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The children in the Pre-School room at our Owlet Nursery have been having great fun with Jane their cook.  She has been making pizzas with the children. They kneaded and rolled out their own dough, spread on their tomato topping and added the cheese. They baked them in the oven and had them for tea.  They [...]

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Autumn is Here!!

The children at our Owlet Nursery have been learning all about the changes of the season. They have been looking at the trees in the garden and the leaves changing colour.   They have also felt the change in weather, talking about how the wind was blowing and that it was blowing the leaves off the trees. Each [...]

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Nursery Life!

The children at our Owlet Nursery have been enjoying basic nursery provision. ‘Say Cheese!’ The children have been developing their imagination using real objects. They have been also harvesting the peas that they have grown in the Toddler room. The children have enjoyed watching them grow and watering them regularly. They especially enjoyed eating them! All [...]

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