Diary of Events

Our Ravensthorpe Nursery have the following events coming up in March. Why not pop along and join them? Friday 15th March 2019 COMIC RELIEF Comic Relief – Why not come to nursery wearing something RED. The children will be having lots of fun exciting red activities as well as making their very own comic relief nose! [...]

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Super Hero and Princess Fun

The children at our Ravensthorpe Nursery had a fabulous day raising money for a charity they support called 'Cracker Jacks', an organisation that supports families who have children that are suffering from severe illnesses. The children came to nursery dressed in princess and super hero outfits and had lots of fun making masks and faces using the loose part play [...]

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Children in Need Fun!

The children at our Ravensthorpe Nursery had a fun filled Children in Need day. They came to nursery dressed in their pyjamas or their favourite clothes and were involved in lots of activities such as baking buns and biscuits which they sold to make money for the cause. This activity incorporated learning through maths - counting [...]

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Busy Nursery Life

The children at our Ravensthorpe Nursery have been very busy enjoying the every day nursery provisions this summer!   They have been exploring numbers in small groups, counting the objects and matching them to the number.   The children really enjoyed getting messy making ice cream cones using malleable materials, using lots of maths language. The [...]

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Easter Fun at Ravensthorpe

The children had a wonderful time over Easter. They had lots of fun exploring exciting activities including making Easter nests using a variety of ingredients and they especially enjoyed seeing the chocolate change consistency from solid to liquid then back again. The children also took part in an Easter egg hunt where the nursery practitioners hid [...]

2018-08-21T13:30:31+01:00April 24th, 2018|Ravensthorpe|

Making A Difference

Our Ravensthorpe nursery has been having a wonderful time supporting and enhancing the learning and development of their children with SEN. The children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the sensory play and one to one interaction. The practitioners have been a fantastic support and continue to make a positive difference to children’s lives. Children’s Place [...]

2018-08-22T13:32:38+01:00February 15th, 2018|Ravensthorpe|

Supporting Crackerjacks Charity

Ravensthorpe Children’s Place recently held their pyjama day to raise money for the Crackerjacks Charity. The charity focuses on providing respite breaks, specialist equipment and support to families for children with disabilities or long-term illness.   All of the children enjoyed the day and we would like to thank everyone who donated and helped us raise [...]

2018-08-22T13:26:24+01:00February 15th, 2018|Ravensthorpe|

Brilliant Baking Benefits

The children at Ravensthorpe have recently enjoyed taking part in some baking activities. As the children weighed, measured, poured and mixed different ingredients together they saw the mixture changing, which helps to enhance their maths and science skills, as it provides them with an understanding of cause and effect. Baking also helps to build their fine and [...]

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