A Road Safety and ‘Stranger Danger’ Visit from the Police

Some of the parents at our Summerfield Nursery have advised that they are worried that their children do not have an awareness of road safety.  Also one parent was particularly worried that their child was over familiar with strangers.  In view of this, Emma, the manager, invited PCSO Catherine Lumb and PCSO David Lax to come to the nursery [...]

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Autumn Visit to the Park

The two year old children at our Summerfield Nursery recently went on an Autumn walk in Peel Park. The children were able to collect conkers and autumn leaves. They also saw ducks and squirrels. The children went there and back on the bus. This supported the children’s understanding of the world and prompted them to investigate [...]

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A Visit from Zoolab!!

Zoolab have visited our Summerfield Nursery recently.  The children and their grown ups enjoyed asking questions about what the animals like to eat and where they sleep.  Some children were a bit nervous about handling the animals but curiosity won them over and, as you can see, they were soon holding some wriggly looking creatures!  The visit has supported [...]

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Happy Bakers!

The children at our Summerfield Nursery have been bakers recently! They learnt how to share and take turns whilst mixing. They also learnt about weighing and measuring the ingredients and seeing what happened when they mixed them together. They then enjoyed sampling their produce – the best bit!!

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Busy Nursery Life

The children at our Summerfield Nursery have been busy enjoying our basic nursery provision… Playing on the tablet helps children to understand cause and effect and they are perfecting their ICT skills by learning how to command a game. Whilst sharing a story with teddy children are looking at pictures and talking about them which supports [...]

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