Forest Fun!

Our Summerfield and Gateway Nurseries have recently visited our Heaton Nursery's Forest. They talked on the bus about what they could see out of the window and what they were going to do when they got there. Whilst there, the children hunted for fairies in the trees and found some magic thread that the fairies make [...]

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Mark Making

The two-year olds at our Summerfield Nursery have been practising their mark making skills. They have been learning how to hold the pen between their finger and thumb and are able to make lines and circular marks on the paper. They have also been practising counting with the help of a few bears!

2019-01-17T16:26:34+00:00January 22nd, 2019|Summerfield|

Christmas Stay and Play

The children at our Summerfield Nursery have had a Christmas Stay and Play. The children all brought their parents and grandparents to join in the Christmas activities and games. They then had a party tea and visited Santa in his grotto.

2018-12-20T15:19:13+00:00December 31st, 2018|Summerfield|

Rhyme Time Part 2!

The children and their grown ups at Summerfield Nursery took part in the Bradford Libraries Rhyme Time Challenge. The children have been practising the rhymes in nursery and at home. Bookstart Bear came to nursery to give the children a certificate for their hard work learning all of the rhymes

2018-12-11T14:34:13+00:00December 19th, 2018|Summerfield|

A Letter to Santa!

The practitioners at our Summerfield Nursery, as part of supporting the children's literacy skills, have acted as scribe for the children to write to Santa to tell them what they have been doing in nursery. The children then put all of their letters in an envelope to Santa and took them to the post box. This [...]

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Rhyme Time Challenge

The Pre-School children at our Summerfield Nursery along with the Senior Club at the Rockwell Centre have been taking part in the Bradford libraries ‘Rhyme Time Challenge’.  The children practiced rhymes both at home and nursery and took part in this intergenerational event.  Good fun was had by all and a very special visitor awarded the children with medals, which [...]

2018-11-29T16:57:08+00:00December 5th, 2018|Summerfield|

Children in Need

Our 'Ofsted Outstanding' Summerfield Nursery joined in the Children in Need fun on the 16th November. They came to nursery in their pyjamas and also bought buns to raise money for Children in Need and our Children’s Place Foundation. They raised a total of £56.30 and would like to thank everyone who supported the event  

2018-11-21T16:24:07+00:00November 30th, 2018|Summerfield|

A Trip to the Park!

The Pre-School children at our Summerfield Nursery recently went on the bus to Peel Park. They collected leaves and conkers and made tree bark rubbings. They saw squirrels and ducks which led them to talk about habitats and hibernation. The children also practised their climbing and jumping skills.  

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