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Wonder Full Early Years Training Hub

***Training Collaboration*** Wonder Full Early Years have today delivered their last course of the year. They have had a fantastic year and have received 'wonder full' reviews from the candidates who attended the courses. They have a full programme of EYFS Courses all ready for next term. If you would like more information or a copy [...]

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Loose Parts Play

The children in the Pre-School room at our Halifax Nursery just love to play and create with loose parts! They have really enjoyed creating pictures, patterns, stacking, counting and naming colours with the mosaic tiles!  This type of play allows the children to use their imagination, their fine motor skills as well as allowing them to [...]

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Fun at the Christmas Fayre!

On the 1st December 2018, our Owlet Nursery held their Christmas Fayre. They had lots of stalls including 'guess the name of the teddy', 'hook a Christmas duck', face painting, tombola and of course, lots of baking.  The families had a great time and joined in with all the activities alongside their children. Owlet would like [...]

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Letter to Santa!

The children in the pre-school room at our Halifax Nursery have been very busy getting ready for Santa visiting at Christmas! All the children have written a letter to Santa which included looking through toy catalogues, choosing which toys they would like and sticking them on the letter to Santa. When they finished the letters, they [...]

2018-11-29T15:31:31+00:00December 11th, 2018|Halifax|

A Letter to Santa!

The practitioners at our Summerfield Nursery, as part of supporting the children's literacy skills, have acted as scribe for the children to write to Santa to tell them what they have been doing in nursery. The children then put all of their letters in an envelope to Santa and took them to the post box. This [...]

2018-11-26T12:57:44+00:00December 10th, 2018|Summerfield|

Children in Need Fun

The children at our Burnett Fields Nursery have been joining in the fun and raising money for Children in Need. The children came in to nursery dressed up in their pyjamas and they had a bun sale.  Thank you to all the parent and staff who donated money. ViviLnk ViviLnk  

2018-11-28T16:37:06+00:00December 7th, 2018|Burnett Fields|

Super Hero and Princess Fun

The children at our Ravensthorpe Nursery had a fabulous day raising money for a charity they support called 'Cracker Jacks', an organisation that supports families who have children that are suffering from severe illnesses. The children came to nursery dressed in princess and super hero outfits and had lots of fun making masks and faces using the loose part play [...]

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Rhyme Time Challenge

The Pre-School children at our Summerfield Nursery along with the Senior Club at the Rockwell Centre have been taking part in the Bradford libraries ‘Rhyme Time Challenge’.  The children practiced rhymes both at home and nursery and took part in this intergenerational event.  Good fun was had by all and a very special visitor awarded the children with medals, which [...]

2018-11-29T16:57:08+00:00December 5th, 2018|Summerfield|

Children in Need Fun!

The children at our Ravensthorpe Nursery had a fun filled Children in Need day. They came to nursery dressed in their pyjamas or their favourite clothes and were involved in lots of activities such as baking buns and biscuits which they sold to make money for the cause. This activity incorporated learning through maths - counting [...]

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