2018-08-23T17:04:12+00:00August 20th, 2018|Halifax|
The children at our Halifax nursery have been lucky recently as one of their children brought in some tadpoles for all the children to look at. The child brought them in from her garden pond at home for a couple of days before safely returning them to her garden.
The children were really excited looking at the tadpoles and noticed that some of them had started to grow legs. Some of the children already know that the tadpoles would then turn into frogs and some didn’t, this prompted lots of conversation and questions and helps them understand about the world around them. The practitioners read information about tadpoles and frogs using the factual books we have in the nursery, ‘From Tadpole to Frog’, talking about what they like to eat and how they transform from frog spawn to tadpole to frog!
How wonderful!!